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Some helpful hints and tips for you to read before your child starts colouring in their shoes. If you have any further questions please contact us.

Do I have to colour them in?

No way… we love them in black and white too! If you and your child like them as they are then why change them?  Go with it!

What colours should my child use?

No idea is a bad idea. Inspire the kids to unleash their creativity and colour in their Jex’s, their way. Sit on your hands, bite your tongue; if they want to colour the hearts green and the monsters pink, why not?  

Can I use other brands of pens to colour in my shoes?

We don’t recommend it. Jex pens are specially formulated to work with the fabric of the shoes. Other brands may cause excess bleeding.

Will the colours bleed?

It’s certainly possible but don’t be afraid!  Have a little chat with your child and suggest they don’t press too hard with the pens.

Can my child wear them in the rain or jump in puddles?

Yeeeesss! The colours won’t run (as long as you’ve left them to dry) but your child might get wet feet. If you jump in muddy puddles, you must wear your…

Can I wash my Jex shoes?

Yes, but the colours might fade. You can always top up them up to bring back the vibrancy. If you do decide to wash your Jex Shoes (max 40°C) please pop them in a pillow case and be aware that the fabric won’t be quite the same after washing.