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At Jex, we believe the imagination of children is amazing and something that should always be encouraged. Kids are so creative and should be allowed to express their ideas at every opportunity; they’re only kids once! That’s why Jex was started – born out of a light-bulb moment in Spring 2017.

Fed up with the limited choice of shoes for children that allowed them to express their individuality, Emily, founder of Jex, decided it was high time that somebody did something about it! So, she set about putting together a great team of designers and experienced shoe makers to make her dream of Jex a reality.

In 2021, Jex launched another unique product range.  The sustainable colour-in backpacks focus on Jex’s core ethos of creating design-led, creative product for kids. The twist to this range is colouring pencils, not pens, are used on the fabric that has the look and feel of brown paper! What unique gifts will come next in the Jex adventure?

5 Facts about Jex

  • 1. Sometimes we colour outside the lines
  • 2. We don't always wear matching socks
  • 3. If you keep on the sofas, you avoid the lava
  • 4. We believe pants should be worn on the outside (like Superman)
  • 5. Every day is a cape day
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