After 18 months of design, sourcing and all round graft, our brand new eco colour-in bags are here! They launched a few weeks ago and it has been wonderful to share them with you. This is the first time I have brought an eco gift to the market, so I thought I would tell you a little bit about the story of the first Jex colour-in bags.

Designing new products as a “non-designer” is a challenging (and rewarding) process. Luckily I have an amazing collection of people around me, but it also takes approximately a million hours of searching, negotiation, sampling and inevitably a few tears to make this happen! I know in my head how I want a product to look but conveying it when you can’t draw is painfully hard. Thankfully the wonderful Tommy and Louise from Amarillo Creative ( can interpret Emily-speak. They can transform my torrent of ideas into something truly amazing. Jex is a true creative collaborative and our collective minds have enabled the brand to develop and grow to where it is today.

Like the shoes, I had many moments of doubt with this product, like whether we could source the right quality materials and make it work financially. These bags are not cheap to manufacture but honestly, they are THE best quality. From the fully lined inside to the zips pocket on the back and the beautiful adjustable fabric straps, they literally feel indestructible — the key to anything with kids, right?

I continue to be passionate about Jex offering unique, creative gifts. We are breaking the mould using pencils, not pens for this product range, I hope this is the first of many Jex eco products for kids (and a few adults!).